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Android 11 has arrived on the Raspberry Pi

OmniROM was a very famous custom ROM in the past and it may surprise you to know that it is still under development. This project is once again in the headlines for a new port by Max Weninger which brings the software to Raspberry Pi 4.

Though Raspberry Pi uses the same ARM architecture as most Android devices, porting of Android to Pi has always been a very tricky thing to do. This is mainly due to the missing drivers. Various attempts have been made to bring Android to different Pi models over the years but the new OmniROM port appears to be one of the most impressive builds yet. It has been based on Android 11 and has been designed for Raspberry Pi 4. if you are using older models you will have to stick with other operating systems.

The ROM runs Android in the tablet mode not like an Android TV device. That is a better fit for Pi which is used as productivity and learning PC. Weninger noted a forum reply which says, I really don’t think a raspi is a well equipped device to be used for ATV when you [can get an] ATV USB stick from e.g. Xiaomi for about 40E that simply works without issues and has official Google support.”

the forum thread says that hardware-accelerated video playback is not present and Mesa support for 3D graphics is a work in progress. Android typically does not work well when the booting from slow storage like SD cards but the ROM supports running from either USB or SD.

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Samsung SmartThings Find locates your lost devices by using other people’s phones

Tracking of any lost phone is not a difficult task as they are always connected to a network but it is not for most of other devices. Apple first experimented by using Bluetooth and ultra-wideband wireless signals for reaching the location the lost devices without WiFi or the cellular connection and now Samsung is coming up with the same technology with its own products.

Samsung has announced the launch of SmartThings Find, a new service that allows you to quickly and easily locate Galaxy devices. After 6 million users across Korea, U.S and UK signed up for early access to the service, SmartThings Find is all set for global launch on the devices running Android 8 or later. SmartThings Find also works with Galaxy Watches which are running on Tizen 5.5 or later, Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Buds Live.

This service uses ultra-wideband wireless and Bluetooth Low Energy to determine the location of the devices. Bluetooth Low Energy id pretty much common on smartphones now a days. The ultra wideband functionality is just available on Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold2 right now. Once the registration process is completed you can use SmartThings app for selecting the device you need to locate which should display a map.

This functionality can use the crowdsourced data from various other Samsung devices. Samsung has said that SmartThings users can use the Galaxy smartphone or tablet securely to help people locate the lost devices. If someone report his/her device as lost via SmartThings Find, any nearby Galaxy smartphone or tablet that has opted in helping find misplaced devices can alert Samsung server about it’s location which will notify you. All the SmartThings Find user data is encrypted as well as securely protected ensuring the location of the device.

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Sony is paying almost one billion dollars to get some anime

When it comes to smartphones Sony is not the first name that comes to mind as they are not great at selling the smartphones. But they are very good at acquiring anime streaming companies. They bought Funimation three years ago and now it looks like another deal might be closing soon that will bring Crunchyroll into Sony stable at almost one billion dollars.

Sony is ready to put up an amount valued at more than $950 for Crunchyroll which may seen like loads of money. Anime is terrible but at the same time they are great as well. Crunchyroll is the biggest name in anime streaming outside Japan with more than 70 million members all around the globe. Sony has already produced some awesome titles like The Promised Neverland and March Comes in Like A Lion through its Aniplex studio.

Now the competition between the streaming companies is boiling up and not all of them can take the pressure. Streaming services require to attract the young ones and they are totally obsessed with anime. With the acquisition of Crunchyroll, Sony will gain access to more than 1,000 new titles that it could use to let you gain increased space in market that is expected to reach more than 35 billion dollars by 2025.