Android 11 bug prevents apps from going fullscreen

Android 11 is now more than one month old but we are still facing bugs in the official release. It has got glitchy media controls, issues with the multitasking and some of the new things introduced are not good at all. The latest bug which is worth mentioning is affecting the mobile gamers but it is annoying for everyone who uses apps that go full screen.

This problem sees the status and the navigation bar remain visible on the screen despite having an app that goes fullscreen. Apps like YouTube and games takes up the entire screen when they go fullscreen in order to allow the content to take over. But after the up-gradation to Android 11 many of the users are finding that these app can not fill the whole screen.

This bug is annoying for the mobile gamers whose phones are always in the fullscreen mode. Phones have become taller and thinner over the years and a status bar as well as navigation bar cutting into the available screen real estate is far from ideal. Some of the users have found success in closing the apps and then restarting them though it may depend on the app they are using and on what device they are using. This problem is also in Samsung’s One UI 3.0 which is based on Android 11. People reported this bug during the betas but Google was not able to reproduce it and closed the issue. The company may take a second look at it as this is gaining more attention and hopefully the problem will be solved soon.