Tapatalk has been removed from the Google Play Store

Tapatalk is an extremely popular Android app for years as it provides a very simple and easy access to thousands of web forums through single application, in a time when many websites had very limited mobile layouts. This app has still got loyal following though it has been removed from the Google Play Store.

The app was removed from Play Store few days ago when people started noticing its absence on Thursday. The app is still functional for those who have downloaded it. VIP subscriptions are not available now as they relied on Google Play in-app billing. The social media channels have also been silent as the Twitter account has not posted since April and the Facebook page has also been inactive for more than a year. The admin on Tapatalk’s own forums has confirmed that Google has removed the app. The admin said that they are working on Google Play to find out what the problem is plus they have told their users to stay tuned for the update.

The exact reason for the removal of the app has not been clear yet but Google has removed many applications lately for odd reasons. They removed Podcast Addict in May because it could be used for playing podcasts about COVID-19. Slide for Reddit was also removed as there was a screenshot with a word ISIS in it. Tasker was also removed from Play Store for a short period of time due to an error in automated review process of Google.