WhatsApp has added a Mute Forever feature

WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging app owned by Facebook has now come up with the much awaited feature that it has included the forever option in the mute menu for the users all across the world. According to many users, this feature should have been there from the very beginning. WhatsApp announced the introduction of the new feature on Twitter for both iOS and Android. WhatsApp has also confirmed that the new feature will also be available on WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp till now allowed it’s users to mute a chat for just few hours, weeks or a year. But now they have removed the option of muting the chat for 1 year with forever. This new feature has come as a sigh a relief for many users. This new mute forever feature will be rolled out via an OTA update.

In order to update WhatsApp you are required to go to Google Play store on your Android device and if you are using iPhone then go to App store. You need to make sure to connect your device to a stable WiFi connection before updating messaging app. Once the app is updated you will get the mute forever feature in the list under Mute option in the Settings menu. Now you are required to click on the option to mute the particular chat forever. After this you will never be notified if the contact that has been muted sends you a new message. This was a requirements of many users who were receiving many unwanted messages everyday. This feature is making more sense now as we are working from home amid coronavirus pandemic and are highly dependent on the messaging platform to connect with our friends.

In the coming days WhatsApp is going to add voice as well as video calling features to the WhatsApp Web version. With this feature, WhatsApp is planning to compete with other video calling platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft teams, Zoom and many more. Not so long ago WhatsApp extended the voice as well as video call participant to eight from four members.