How to transfer your Google Music playlist to YouTube Music

Google Play Music is an application which Android users were using for the last decade but now they are shutting down the app for some of the users all around the globe. If you are an Android users then you must have noticed that you are prompted whenever you open Google play Music which advises you to shift you music playlists to YouTube music. According to some reports many people have not been able to access their content through this app or it;s web portals. On some phone it is even showing that “Google Play Music is no longer available”.

It is not a sudden decision by Google Play Music as they have announced it few months ago that they are closing. YouTube Music is a hot property at the moment and you can listen to the songs, recordings and the cover versions that are available on YouTube. This music streaming service was launched in March 2019 and has hot 500 million downloads on Google Play Store. Transferring the music library from Google Music to YouTube Music is a piece of cake. Google earlier confirmed that their music streaming service users from South Africa and New Zealand will not be able to access the service in September. It is still the time for the users to save the music library even though you need to move to YouTube Music.

How to Transfer your Playlist to YouTube Music:

  • First of all download YouTube Music app.
  • Now you will see a transfer button in the app which will initiate transferring process of your Play Music history, uplaods, playlists and the purchased content.
  • Once the transfer is completed you will receive an email and notification.
  • YouTube Music’ home screen will also show the updated recommendations which are based on your likes/dislikes and the playlists.