Tap-to-pay issues with Google Pay is affecting phones from Google, OnePlus, and various others

Well it is more convenient, safer and hygienic by paying through NFC with Google Pay than swiping a payment card though a cleaned payment terminal. Now a days almost each flagship phone has got NFC interface needed for Google Pay to function. But it is not a guarantee that tap-to-pay will work. The issues have come up on Galaxy Note20 Ultra as well as Pixel 5 but it looks like that this problem might more than expected.

People who owns the newer phones like Pixel 5 and Galaxy Nore20 Ultra have theor reservations about NFC problems affecting the use of Google Play in stores. These both are not the only devices which are experiencing these issues. Some of the users from OnePlus 8 from earlier this year seems to have same error. Google Pay lets the users to sign in as well as register cards just fine. The use of tap-to-pay brings up the red exclamation mark and a very handy message which states ‘That didn’t work’.

At the moment there are no way to resolve the problem. The usual cure-all like resetting the device or re-installing Google Pay app does not make any difference. Since this application relies on Google, OEMs and banking institutions there are many culprits to look for in this issue. We are hopeful that this issued will be resolved in the future update to Google Pay app.