Slingbox has been discontinued, existing devices to stop working within next 2 years

Sling Media introduced the Slingbox 15 years ago for upgrading the existing TV subscriptions by letting users to stream the programs from the phones, tablets and various other TV sets. It was a a fun till it lasted but now it seems that the usefulness of Slingbox products is ending. The company has announced recently that it is discontinuing the product and the existing Slingboxes will stop working within next two years.

Sling Media is now shutting down the servers that let Slingboxes to run. This infrastructure will go down completely in November 2022 if everything goes according to the plan. Until then, the company will continue to support to the existing users who have got the product under warranty although the devices may loss the functionality as the SlingPlayer app version become more and more outdated.

Since 2005 TV streaming has had many leaps and it is no surprise at all that Slingbox is not going to survive going forward in the market that is being dominated by the some big names like YouTube TV and Sling TV which has no connections with Sling Media. Letting people access the TV they were paying for across multiple devices was anew idea but it is no longer a unique thing. It is quite impressive that Slingboxes have stuck around for a long time.