Android Auto prepares to allow the users change their homescreen wallpaper

Android is known for its customization but when it comes to Android Auto, it has not allowed for the customization and for self expression since its launch. This is going to be changed very soon as the latest teardown of Android Auto app is indicating that the users will soon be able to select from a wide variety of wallpapers to take the homescreen theming to a whole new level.

The new wallpaper selection that can replace the default option are hidden away at the moment in version 5.8 of Android Auto. There are many new wallpapers which made a varied selection that ranges from abstract gradients to a moody one. The titles include dusk, blobs, warp and wave etc.

It is still not clear if Google will allow the users to select a new wallpaper from their own photo library but it seems that Android Auto will limit the users to the pre-approved images for now. There is still no official timeline on when the new wallpaper options will roll out officially but you can go ahead and download the latest version from Google Play Store.