WhatsApp launches disappearing messages

Telegram and Signal were offering the disappearing messages for a long time. Facebook’s Messenger app also allows you to set delete timers on the messages in the secret chats. Now WhatsApp has also announced that it is coming into the arena. The disappearing messages are rolling out to stable version of WhatsApp from today.

Unlike Telegram and Messenger you won’t need to start a secret chat for activating disappearing messages. Once the feature is in your hand then both the parties will be able to activate it for one-to-one chats while the admins can tweak it in the groups. There is only one option to make the messages disappear after seven days, a timeframe you can not tweak.

WhatsApp is coming up with the disappearing messages as a way that the chats looks more like real-world interactions no as a Snapchat clone. The main objective is to make the conversations on WhatsApp feel as close to in-person as possible. When the disappearing messages is turned on then the new messages sent to a chat will disappear after a week which will feel your conversation lighter and more private. The recipients can take the screenshots or save the messages elsewhere.

Disappearing messages were in testing for about a year and back then the experiment was started with the options to make the messages disappear within five seconds or an hour after reading but later WhatsApp decided that a week is the most desired spot for most of the people.

FaceApp has come up with new video selfie filters

FaceApp a very famous bit at the same time a controversial AI-powered selfie filtering app is going to launch version 4.0 with an interesting update i.e. some unique beautification as well as aging tricks to the video post-processing.

The new update will bring a new Video tab to FaceApp home screen. After the users will give permission for the app to record audio and video they can then easily record a clip, play it and then can apply different effects which include Young, Old, Smile, Upset and Hipster. There are three more filters which will be available on FaceApp Pro subscription for $5/mo., $30/yr., or $50 lifetime. These filters are Hollywood, Makeup and Kiss. There is a one-frame preview available and is processed for the people to decide whether to further process the video. The video processing will take some time as a 15 to 20 seconds are taken to process a 6 second video on Snapdragon 765. the file is later saved in your disk and you can share the video clip anywhere you want.

WhatsApp makes deleting tired memes, large files simpler with new filters

WhatsApp has provided the first fresh paintjob to its storage management interface in 3 years. With the new look there are some new filters as well as some ease of use enhancements. Users who have got the new design will now be able to go to the settings and then select the Storage and data and after that Manage storage. WhatsApp will also pop a warning card which is tappable in the Chats tab if the disk is getting full.

At the top of the screen you will get a storage meter which is followed by two new media filter bubbles which are items forwarded many times – go to meme responses begone! – and the ones larger than 5MB. Users are also allowed to preview specific pieces of the media as they can browse and order the files by size. You can then select as well as delete them in bulk. Plus as earlier you can scroll down to check on the individual chat threads as well. This new look will be available for all the users in this week.

Many Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 features are rolling out to the original Fold in the US

Samsung released Galaxy Z Fold 2 a little while ago that has been packed with few features that make it better than the first attempt at the foldable phone. But Samsung has not forgotten about the first generation Fold just yet. It has got various Z Fold2 capabilities through a firmware update that is now starting to roll out in the US.

The Galaxy Fold will get the Z Fold’s app pair feature which lets you save different window layouts to the Edge Panel letting you restore often used combinations of apps. The update has also introduced the option to split the screen vertically providing you more layout options. Samsung DeX now allows you to connect the Fold to a Samsung TV wirelessly.

The Fold has also got some of the camera smarts from its successor. Auto framing provides you the automatic zoom on the group pictures as well as optical Capture View shows you the five most recent images that you have taken right next to your viewfinder. Dual Preview and the Rear Cam Selfie mode both utilize small outer screen for the photography. The former allows the subjects see how the photographer are framing them and the latter lets you use superior rear cameras for selfies by showing you the viewfinder on the outer screen next to camera when your phone is opened.

The Pro Video mode supports the shooting in 24fps and 21:9 aspect ratio. It has also got additional assistant functions like histogram as well as focus peaking. There is a new Single Take feature that lets you capture up to 15 seconds of the content and automatically saves best moments as the photos as well as videos.

Tor Browser for Android is now based on updated Firefox app

Tor Browser is an impressive browser that routes all the requests from your network through the encrypted Tor network that is intended to provide complete anonymity. Browsing the web with Tor used to require Orbot and Orfox apps till they were combined into the single Tor Browser last year. This browser has received significant update and switching to the codebase used by the new Firefox for Android.

Mozilla has come up with new Firefox app for Android to everyone earlier this year and the Tor Project has been working since April to switch its Android browser to the new codebase. The app is now based on Firefox 82.1.1 and uses the Tor version to connect to the Internet. It has got various privacy extensions built-in like with the desktop browser. The stakeholders at Tor Project has said that we will continue working on closing the gap with the Tor browser for desktop. It also include implementation of the Circuit Display and New Identity features plus it also supports the Onion Location header and the short “.tor.onion” URLs among various others.

Google Keep has got a new icon

Google has recently come up with new icons for its apps which includes Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs and Meet. Now they have also changed Keep’s icon. This impressive notes service from Google has just picked up the new icon at the desktop site and the app will soon get the new one. That is what we are assuming.

The new icon for Google Keep has got the same color but the old outlined lightbulb has been replaced with a stylized, filled in version. The dog-eared corner has now been moved from bottom right to top right. It’s appearance may change a little bit in different locations and the site’s favicon loses the dog ear. This change is now live on the desktop version of Google Keep. The change in logo as well as the favicon is evident. They are both of different shapes both both of them has got the same color as well as the lightbulb icon. The icon is live yet in the sidebar of Gmail and has not spread the mobile app yet. But it can be assumed that it will come in the near future.

Android TV has got a Data Saver mode when connected to mobile hotspots

Google is coming up with some awesome data-friendly features on Android TV in order to help the users monitor as well as reduce their TV’s bandwidth usage when it is connected to a hotspot in place of WiFi. These new features are coming to Xiaomi, TCL as well as MarQ TV in India soon.

One of the main features is the addition of new Data Saver mode under Network & Internet that can easily be enabled when it is connected to a hotspot. Google says that it will let you watch three times more content while keeping the same consumption. It would have been great if it was also available for WiFi networks because not everyone has got huge data caps at home. There will be a new alert along with data saver. When you will enable it you will get the notification for every 100MB, 500MB or 1GB that your TV uses while tethering. Google is also providing a guide to help you in connecting your TV to your mobile hotspots and direct local network casting from Files app on Android phones that should not consume any data. The new features are linked to new Android TV Data Saver app version which is now available on Google’s Play Store.

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