WhatsApp is switching on shop button on business profiles

In the COVID-19 era people’s dependence on the communication apps has been increased greatly. Same is the case with WhatsApp, the number one messaging app on Internet. Whats now has made it very simple and easy for the businesses to sell on the platform. Now WhatsApp is adding a shopping button as well as direct purchase option to the Business Profiles thus making it easier for the customers to flow through.

According the stakeholders at WhatsApp they are planning to expand the ways for the people to check out the available products and also make the purchases right from the chat. They also made it very simple for businesses to integrate the features into existing eCommerce and the customer solutions. This will be very productive for the small businesses who have been impacted in this time. This service will the launched worldwide soon. The businesses will now also get to option to manage the WhatsApp messages through hosting services that Facebook is planning to offer. This feature will make it very simple and easy for the small and medium businesses to get started. You can sell the products and also keep the the inventory up to date. With this you can reply to the messages they receive instantly wherever the employees are.

The company is claiming that 175M people message WhatsApp Business account each day. More than 68% of international adults said that they are interested to do business with a company that can be contacted through messaging. In India there are 78% adults who agree that messaging saves time than calling a business. Now 75 % prefer to message a business than before the COVID-19 pandemic. The poll was done among more than 8000 in USA, Germany, UK, India, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia without mentioning the brands and products.