Incorrect OnePlus 8/8 Pro beta update wipes some phones by accident, but there’s a solution

OnePlus just recently released the 3rd open Beta for the 8 and 8 Pro which has brought various bug fixes for the Zen Mode and Ambient Display and also making the Canvas compatible with the newly added always-on Ambient Display. Now a new big has surfaced that selected the data of user from some people who have joined the beta program. Some of the 8 and 8 Pro owners have got the stable build of Oxygen OS instead of the Open Beta 3 which has led to loss of data.

If you see Oxygen OS update pending in place of Open Beta but have not restarted your phone yet to install there is a workaround. You can get KeepData app that prevents you from losing your files which are available on OnePLus Forum. You need to install it, run the application and hit “KEEP DATA” button. After going through this process OnePlus still recommends you to back up the important data on another device or in the cloud before restarting to the update. It is also highly recommended to have a full backup via OnePlus Switch. If you are running the beta buildyou need to double check that it is the Open Beta which you are receiving via OTA and not stable Oxygen OS build.