Google Play Console introduces new publishing controls

Google Play console has not been a robust tool for publishing the apps but it is improving day by day and solving the the problems which the developers are experiencing over the years. The latest update has brought the two long-awaited improvments that will make the publishing experience simpler and intuitive.

The main change comes in the new publishing overview page that shows where the are the different versions of an app in the review process and privides a clear view of what is going to be displayed on the Play Store when an app is published. This will make it very simple and easy to see the approval the progress at a glance and coordinate releases with other members.

Google play is also going to launch a new Managed Publishing feature that will replace the Timed Publishing which are aimed at providing the developers a simple and predictable interface for scheduling releases. The whole system should let the developers upload some new versions and publish them at precise time. This will not remove the requirement to upload new versions ahead of time.