Google Apps can be accessed on Huawei and Honor Phones with Googlefier app

Huawei has recently announced the Mate 40 but like all the recent phones from company, it lacks Google apps. Installing the apps and corresponding services on Huawei and Honor phones is possible but till now it was a very time-taking process and involved loads of steps to complete. But now an app known as Googlefier will change it all. This app does not provide a one-step solution but still it makes the process very approachable with limited automation as well as step-by-step guidance.

You are required to grant all permissions it asks for once you have installed it on your Huawei and Honor phone and after that simply follow the instructions it provides you. It uses the LZ Play method that has become very famous following Mate 30 launch. Once you are done with all the steps which are displayed in the app you should be able to install the Play Store. Now you need to log in to your Google account and ultimately get all the Google apps you require.

Googlefier has been developed by XDA Developers and they have tested the workflow on MatePad pro and P40 Pro running RMUO 10 and it finished the process in five to seven minutes. It is strongly recommended that you start the whole process after factory reset, so you need to back up all of your data, messages, files and so on before you advance. Googlefier works on both Huawei and Honor devices.